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2006 AA GP Rangers head coach swear on kids in change room, head coach call out our kid in front of his peers for doing one time other activity then hockey and then lied to us in 1:1 that he called out other activities as well, upon being reported for swearing on kids to GM, head coach stopped any talk or even greeting back to us as a family, head coach then removed us deliberately as a family from e-mail distribution lists related to games summary and even worse from canvasing for extra practices days/times/locations, head coach recommended the non-presence around team activities to us whose kid was systematically discriminated socially and abused emotionally just because we used team guidelines and escalation paths for issues mismanagement.
GM in a parent meeting stated that swearing in AA and AAA hockey is something that parents should get used to!! and none of parents except us challenged such an arrogance. And final act was the president who came and told us that this will have to be resolved during face-to-face meeting between us as affected kid parents and head coach of the team which we had all intentions to do in a constructive manner and play out this season. Less than 24 hours later we got a letter from GM that the association decided to release our kid from the team and give us symbolic goodwill as compensation.

Still want to take your kid to Goulding Park Rangers for minor hockey and specific 2006 AA team??
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