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I helped run some GTHL try outs this spring and was appalled to hear reports of Select coaches attending Rep try outs to talk players out of leaving Select (or worse sour the Rep coaches regarding the players). I've also heard that Select clubs now set their rosters in April/May (right after GTHL try outs close) and require large non-refundable deposits from players. Many GTHL teams don't fill their roster during try outs and will post "want ads" for players in early May. I've seen many very stressed families, who want to hold out for a GTHL team, further stressed by having to commit so early and definitively to a Select/house league program.

My son's Select team a few years ago was chosen in the fall and went to the Tier 1 finals after which his coach said "it is time for you to move on (to Rep)". He identified the kids who had reached their peak in Select and needed to move up for greater opportunities. Sending these kids on to Rep hockey then freed up spaces for new kids to take advantage of Select development.

What happened to late summer/early fall Select try outs? Why the rush to "sign" players to house league?
Has the NYHL and it's coaches lost site of the goal of community house league hockey? Has it lost sight of it's own mission to provide equal ice time and development opportunities? Development in community hockey does not mean hoarding top players in order to move the team up tiers or get to the finals. Good development is about providing opportunities that help players move on to new challenges.
qwerty0987 wrote:What happened to late summer/early fall Select try outs? Why the rush to "sign" players to house league?

Have no idea what happened with that... but my son's been in hockey for 3 years now and the poor folks who wait until summer/early fall for Select tryouts are often out of luck. There's one club last year which held a "tryout" for 1 spot in the early fall. They raked in the dough (25+ players attended) and only 1 was selected. Say what you will... teams are selected wwwway early. Just look at the 08 thread; apparently, teams next year are being formed for the following year's GTHL teams - wow.
Recruiting outside of the Spring try out period is definitely in violation of the GTHL/NYHL rules. Coaches for new or existing teams cannot recruit players (Select or Rep) without the permission of the players home club.

I'm managing an '03 rep team and have been contacted by far too many parents who panicked and signed their kid to a House League Select program the week after GTHL try outs. GTHL teams continue to recruit (via players wanted ads) after try outs but spring House League Select try out timing doesn't allow kids time to find those teams. There's no need for community hockey to add another level of stress for kids who would really like to play Rep hockey...

NYHL clubs and coaches have lost sight of the purpose of community-based House League Select programs.
From the GTHL Rulebook, Section 17 (pertaining to all House League programs in Toronto):
The guidelines in this Article fit these definitions and recognize both the community-oriented and recreational nature of House League programs and House League Select Programs. These guidelines also reflect the distinction made by the League between House League Select Programs and competitive programs.
17.4 – Philosophy Related to House League Select Programs
The House League Select Program is a hockey program that is based in the House League and should be an extension of that program. Players and their families that choose to participate in a House League Select Program do so because it reflects the attitudes and community affiliation of the House League to which they belong and in which they participate. Therefore, the focus of a House League Select Program should not be to emulate higher levels of competitive hockey (A and above), but to offer the values of House League programs to a group of House League players participating in an advanced program.

A good coach develops their players so they can move on to higher level hockey. A great coach finds them opportunities to move up. We've known a lot of good coaches and a few great ones but sadly we've known (and have heard of) coaches who just want to hold on to a winning House League Select team...
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